April 5, 2017

RAVENS UP: From Cambodia To 87th & Crescent

“Raven” is a metaphor placed on someone who has been senselessly neglected and humiliated by fellow citizens, framed and demoralized by society’s law enforcement, dramatized by society’s authors and media, and banished from society. The first next door neighboring family that I […]


November 30, 2016

Robert Glasper Is Coming To The Folly Theater In Kansas City In February

If the upcoming Mary J. Blige and Maxwell tour stop in Kansas City isn’t future enough for soul music enthusiasts across the KC metro, look no further than The Folly Theater in downtown Kansas City, MO on February 18th, 2017. By that […]


November 28, 2016

Kansas City’s Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) Anchor The Local Underground

Words by Sarge This interview, post-election 2016, occurred on private property, not yet collectivized by the International Revolutionary Movement. Beverages were served alcoholic and non. The interview between Sarge, Demencha reporter and Komrade (Nom de guerre, pictured left) a member of the […]