Rich The Factor Will Be In The Next Print Issue of Demencha Magazine

Rich The Factor Will Be In The Next Print Issue of Demencha Magazine As Editor-in-Chief at Demencha Magazine, I’ve been trying to get an interview with Kansas City rap legend, icon and street king in his own right, Rich The Factor, for over a decade. All of the anticipation, the wishing, waiting, and asking around came to a screeching halt two nights ago in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Prior to last night’s photoshoot and interview we conducted with Rich The Factor, I had never met him before. I’ve met a ton of rap artists in Kansas City over my 12 years as EIC at Demencha. Rich was the most elusive artist out of this entire city, to me at least, by a long shot. Before our interview and photoshoot earlier this week, I’d never been in the same room as him. The only time I’d seen him in person was during his performance at the Taste of Troost Fest outside of 7th Heaven back in 2009.

Few people personify our Locals Before Legends tagline better than Rich The Factor, who’s a Kansas City native with over 100 albums and mixtapes released via hard copies in stores, and through digital outlets over the course of about 20 years worth of recording. No one’s name carries the same weight in Kansas City’s rap arena as Rich The Factor’s does. Despite his hardcore image that people throw around in conversation, I came to find out over the course of an hour and twenty minutes worth of interview audio that in these days specifically, there’s a lot of things that are making him tick forward as he moves in various industries, not just within rap. Through his trials and tribulations, Rich The Factor knows that he has the most powerful voice in the streets of Kansas City. So, how will he use that voice for good? You will read about it in our next print issue of Demencha, which will feature Rich The Factor on the front cover.

Until we create a more informative info-graphic detailing the advertising rates for this new print, please email for all advertising and sponsorship opportunities. This will be the best print issue we have done yet.

Big thanks to _KansasCity, Jin Won King and Stormy. Additional thanks to Savage Kin, Phoenix Tha Riser, Dominique Sanders, Tone Henderson and all of the Demencha readers for supporting.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
Editor-in-Chief at Demencha Magazine LLC and Send music and event submissions to LOCALS BEFORE LEGENDS.