Rich The Factor Reminisces On Meeting Guru & DJ Premier For The “Nice Girl, Wrong Place” Video Shoot

page First and foremost, RIP to Guru. DJ Premier and MC Guru made up the mighty hip hop duo, Gangstarr, and perhaps their best album, Moment Of Truth (1998), was one of the last, gasping breaths of 90s “Golden Era” rap music. Where does Kansas City’s low-key, underworld mover and shaker, Rich The Factor, fit in with Gangstarr, though? One of Rich’s long-time Major Factor Records recording artists, singer Boi Big, made a connection in New York with some of Gangstarr’s associates, years ago, and KC’s own Rich The Factor told us about meeting Guru and DJ Premier in NYC back in 2003. Boi Big was commissioned by Gangstarr to sing the hook on a single for Gangstarr’s “Nice Girl, Wrong Place” video from their album The Ownerz. Rich and Boi Big took a trip to New York for the video shoot, and that’s how you got KC fitted caps in the music video for that song. Rich recently looked back on that memory with us, which you can read below. Rich The Factor on Twitter here. Click here for more Demencha x Rich The Factor coverage, and be on the lookout for our upcoming print magazine with a Rich The Factor feature. homework helper grammar “That was Boi Big’s connection on the East Coast. We got a guy out there in New York, and he fights hard for us, you know what I mean? When he came to Kansas City and he ran into us and he fell in love with it. He vowed that he would push as hard as he could for us. He took Boi Big, and Premier and them were friends of his. He got (Boi Big) on a hook, and I met Premier. He was a cool guy, and Guru was a good guy. Some good guys, they were humble. They gave us the spotlight and told us, “Get in there.” That was big coming from the Midwest, with some of the biggest guys that ever did it from the East Coast. That’s part of history man, it was a really big deal. When they put us on, it was one of the best looks that we’d had thus far. That was the real deal. We hung out with them the whole day. Premier was doing business with Boi Big. We all appreciated it, that was a good look. Huge.” follow Rich The Factor

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
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