RECOMMENDED: Ish1da – “Houston St.” [Prod. Rick Maun]

Kansas City-based rap rhyme slinger, Ish1da, has a new track out called “Houston St.”, and it is produced by none other than Rick Maun, previously known as one of KC’s most unique beat producers, Osiris-1. Rick Maun and Ish1da should do an entire record based on this track alone. “Houston St.” is one of the best rap songs we’ve heard out of Kansas City all year. Ish1da rips through a flurry of written raps dedicated to the lives lost in Kansas City over recent years, due to various causes. Rick Maun’s beat is the cool underside of the track’s pillow which feels like an urgent call of some kind. It’s a quick one-hitter of the old phrase, “life is short.” Ish1da’s profile as a Midwestern MC has been steadily climbing just over the past couple of years, and presumably since his soundcloud page spiked in followers coming from the, um…anime-rap scene?

Look, I know jack and shit about anime, but this seems like something with some real legs right now from what I can tell by following artists like Ish1da and The Epitome on soundcloud. Anyway, Ish1da is dope. Rick Maun has been dope. Again, if these two made a record together we would not complain one bit. Hear this…

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
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