Q&A: Kansas City-Based Graphic Artist, Cameron Guilfoil

demencha-x-cameron09 Kansas City, Missouri-based graphic designer and artist, Cameron Guilfoil, has more KC-centric art pieces than you can shake a stick at. Guilfoil loves the city he’s from, and that love for his hometown escalated after living in Prague for two years to finish art school. The 25 year-old is proficient in an array of software-assisted art, and more traditional pencil/pen-to-paper mediums as well. Cam has worked with the likes of KC rap artist, Huey P. Nuisance, and is looking for more work with rappers in town for album covers, etc. You can catch him behind merch tables, selling his own tees and prints, all over the city.

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Instagram: K.C.M.O.

Why do you create so many Kansas City-centric art pieces?
CG: Because there’s a great community of people in KC who love to support local companies. And many up and coming kc brands who tend to have average KC designs. I want to offer the city unique graphics that can’t be found anywhere else. And also if I’m not working on a client project I use these KC pieces for my portfolio or just to get the idea out of my head before someone else makes it.

demencha-x-cameron05 If you were to have to leave Kansas City tomorrow morning for the rest of your life, what would be your fondest memory of this city?
CG: Besides the memories I should not mention or don’t remember, I would say the Royals win and parade.

Give us your artistic background.  When did you or people around you realize that you should keep making art?
CG: In elementary I remember I was getting a lot of compliments on my drawings. And in second grade the school framed just my art and hung it up with a plaque of my name. I sold some art at a young age and that had me inspired

List your artist/business name and what part of Kansas City you live in.
CG: I tend to go by my real name Cameron Guilfoil, or sometimes Noremakc, k.c.m.o, kcmoco, Kansas City clothing company. And currently live walking distance from Westport

demencha-x-cameron12 What keeps you creative and busy in these days and times?
CG: The city, music, other people hustling hard, also being my own boss and someday having a huge company.

What mediums are you most proficient at, and which mediums are you still getting accustomed to?
CG: Adobe programs such as photoshop, illustration, graphic design, print-making, anything art related. I want to start more video work, and pick up music again.

What kind of graphic work would you like to get more involved in, moving forward?
CG: Working with major companies. Designing things besides shirts, hoodies. Creating album covers, magazines, corporate identity, websites, flyers, posters, full clothing design, etc.

If you could shoot a music video for any musician, band, rapper or producer in this city, please pick the one song from the one artist you would work with.
CG: Deep thinkers – “We live In Kansas City And…”
Huey P Nuisance – “The Killa” (featuring The Abnorm & Joe Carter)
Or a collaborative video with about 20 of the best local musicians.

Why are graphics so important in 2016?  Is it because people aren’t reading as much?
CG: Somewhat, and yes because now there are graphics everywhere around you. Everything man-made is designed. The packaging, websites, advertisements, apps, clothes, billboards, etc., all have to look crisp to keep the viewer’s attention. People are using these graphics to spread a message instead of relying on people taking the time to read things.

Last meal scenario:  You have one week left in Kansas City before leaving for a full year.  If money is no option, where are you going to eat for dinner on the night before leaving Kansas City?
CG: Well, I left KC for a couple years to finish college in Prague, Czech Republic. And I think my last meal was BBQ from Gates. But, if money was no option I would order one of everything from the river market restaurants. Then, I would rent out the revolving skies restaurant on top of the Hyatt with all my friends.





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