The Niche-KC Blockade Sanctioning Demencha Events (Spring 2016-Current)

The Niche-KC Blockade Sanctioning Demencha Events (Spring 2016-Current)

As Editor-in-Chief here at Demencha Magazine, I feel as though I have enough experience in local music to know who the four best Kansas City-based DJs are in 2016. They all still perform at least once a month in Kansas City. None of them, to my knowledge have ever played at Niche-KC.

Niche-KC has a great sound-system, cool DJs, and you do have to walk up two flights of stairs to get to the tiny venue that holds maybe 50 people, but if a party is done right there, it can be a great time.

Demencha Magazine had the pleasure of bringing Kansas City’s best house music DJ (not up for debate) to Niche-KC in November 2015 on the week of Thanksgiving. It was a great party. It might have been hotter in that little club than your grandmas oven turnt up to just two days before.

Some time in late winter/early spring 2016, I made the mistake of confronting a mutual dislike for someone involved in local music one day, in Kansas City. The difference in footsteps between my confrontation with this local music artist earlier this year and the street address of Niche-KC is approximately 1,320. That is footsteps. That does not reflect over 2,500 rulers laid out on a line from Niche-KC to the location of the event. The booking manager at Niche-KC did hear about the encounter. He was not present for the encounter.

It was not until six months later, most likely in September or October of this year, that the booking manager at Niche-KC told me through a facebook chat message exchange that Demencha Magazine as a brand and company are not allowed to come back to Niche-KC and throw parties. This blockade has been in effect for months and months. A lot of lies have been told about this situation in 2016 to people who are involved in local music and people who are not. We’re talking about DJ events here, people.

Unfortunately, Demencha Magazine will not be able to bring anyone else into that venue who would’ve never been there if it weren’t for the substantial coverage we’ve given Niche-KC, moving forward. This is all true.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
Editor-in-Chief at Demencha Magazine LLC and Send music and event submissions to LOCALS BEFORE LEGENDS.

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