KC-Based Singer, Alex Niedt, Challenges Clams Casino

Kansas City singer, producer and mix engineer, Alex Niedt, has covered the likes of Tim Buckley, The Beach Boys and Stephen Sondheim in the past (in addition to his own original work), and has an upcoming collaboration with rapper, Caligula, if we could offer just a few examples of his capabilities and range of taste. Admittedly, we haven’t been keeping quite as close of an eye on Alex’s soundcloud as we should, but thanks to a tip from another tremendously gifted KC vocalist, Anthony Saunders, we’re now aware that Alex Niedt has three new tracks on his soundcloud page, all of which incorporate his own original verses and choruses over beats from Clams Casino’s Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1. Clams Casino’s original mixtape of last year was rightfully lauded by critics all over. But if you couldn’t put up with the rappers Clams works with (Lil’ B, A$AP Rocky, Soulja Boy, etc.), Alex Niedt is here to save the day.

While writing and executing vocal exercises over three of Clams Casino’s beats, Alex’s voice weaves creatively through the foggy, head-nod inducing tracks. In short, this is the kind of creative boldness that we think more singers/soul artists should take on. In all seriousness, local r&b vocalists obviously have the talent and confidence to do Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson and D’Angelo tribute events at area venues. Why not just make up your own songs over popular instrumentals and put out a free mixtape? What a novel idea. Hear us out after hearing out Alex’s own renditions of some of Clams Casino’s most popular beats below.

Alex Niedt on iTunes

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
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