If Kanye West Was Not A Threat To Himself Or Anyone Else, He Should Not Have Been Hospitalized

Everyone who has come out in such loving support of Kanye West’s recent hospitalization, and the people who somehow believe he got what he deserved because they like to pick and choose who gets the right to freedom of speech, are missing a huge point. The writers/editors behind most of the media reports coming out since Kanye West spoke his mind at a concert in Sacramento in November and the ensuing “mental health breakdown” that took him to a mental institution, from Rolling Stone down to US Weekly are about to get a crash course in mental health and how it’s treated in the United States. Okay, so maybe I won’t write a full-fledged essay here, but as a diagnosed schizophrenia patient for 12 years, I am knowledgeable in this subject, but not an “expert”.

I have read and searched to find solid evidence that any criteria or red flags were observed and met for locking Kanye West in a mental institution. Look, this is merely standard stuff that mental health professionals (who have the well-being of their patients held above all else in psychiatric evaluations), will and have backed up. Here they go:

1. Poses a threat to himself (communicating a forecast or plan of suicide, specifically).
2. Poses a threat to others (communicating a forecast or plan to harm someone else).

In my reading and searching for news about Kanye West’s hospitalization, I have zero solid evidence that either of these points of criteria were met. Are we supposed to sweep Kanye West and his battles under the rug? Should we just start talking about how holiday parties and award shows have “snubbed” him, now that he’s been released from the mental institution? I will not.

I sit here wondering what medication they could have injected in Kanye’s body, and it makes me sick to my stomach. If you did not know that anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication can now be administered via needle injections, and you are writing about mental health in 2016, get off the lawn. Kanye West is a brilliant artist with widely-regarded classic albums under his belt. As fans of good music, let’s hope there’s more where that came from.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
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