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On behalf of Demencha Magazine LLC, I am writing today to alert readers, business owners and artists that we are currently working on a new print issue of our magazine. Demencha print magazines have reached over 10,000 Kansas City music and culture lovers and enthusiasts since 2008. The content we’re working on creates an exciting time for us, and we would love for you to be a part of the new print Demencha Magazine. If you would like for us to run a media campaign for your brand or company online, and bask in the glory of a brand new edition of what we think of as Kansas City’s best local music magazine with a page of your very own, now is the time to take action. These days, there’s no blind faith in taking media sponsorship from Demencha.

Kansas City-based hip hop artist, Isaiah Yurking, saw his facebook impressions spike by 500% after we ran a media campaign for him on and through our social media outlets, back in April.

Kansas City-based jazz musician and producer, Josh Williams aka xJ-Will, saw the fb “likes” on his solo producer page catapult from about 600 to 1,700 after just a two week media campaign with Demencha, over the summer.

If you’re an artist reading this and you know what you’re making per play on Spotify, and you know that paid performance bookings often hinge on your social media following, we can help, and that is no lie.

If you operate a business, venue, storefront, shop, event space, or any other cause, we would be more than happy to try a campaign for a company with perhaps a bigger budget than most artists have, and a business that needs more social media traction, a word of mouth story and eyes on their front door. We have not tried a campaign this year with a company who does not make music, just yet. But I don’t have any reason to believe that a Demencha campaign wouldn’t be just as effective, if not more. The three key ad image spots on can link back to whatever you want (events, your various social media, video uploads from your own YouTube page, soundcloud, etc.)

I personally have about 2,600 written articles on spanning the past 8 years, mostly about local music. Having a website that people go to, outside of social media, is important. But if you don’t have a website that people check regularly outside of facebook, Demencha Magazine will help immensely.

These are reasons why you might need a page in the new Demencha print magazine with Rich The Factor on the cover, and an online media campaign from Demencha. Let us know if you’re interested (email:, and we will send you a PDF with our rates for pages in our upcoming print magazine, and Demencha online media campaigns. NOTE: This issue will circulate for months. We will return to our printing resource to print additional rounds of this same issue periodically over the course of the next several months. We will not publish a new print issue anytime soon after the Rich The Factor feature.

Quick details about magazine pages, specifically the back page and anyone who wants their page to look good on glossy paper:

– 8.5 x 5.5 (inches)
– 300 dpi (hi res) CMYK
– Be sure to email at least one hi-res photo that best represents your business or company (Demencha may charge a small art fee for designing your page) or work with your own graphic designer

We accept credit and debit cards, cash or checks. Company representers will be required to sign an invoice. Invoice signing, payment, page artwork and interviews should be coordinated and received within 10 days of this post.
NOTE: This deadline for page artwork is not the final deadline, but you may miss the first round of prints if you don’t act swiftly. We will reveal the 2nd deadline for additional print rounds of the same issue, at a later date.

Details on online traffic:
90% of online traffic comes from within the state of Missouri
– The 25-34 age bracket makes 37% of our online visitors.
– The 18-24 age bracket makes 33% of our online visitors.
– In total, a whopping 72% of Demencha’s online traffic comes from people 34 years-old or younger.
Technology, sports, movies and TV, literature and music (of course) are some of their main interests.
SOCIAL MEDIA NUMBERS: Demencha has over 6,000 organic followers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Google Plus, away from our own URL at

EMAIL: today

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
Editor-in-Chief at Demencha Magazine LLC and Send music and event submissions to LOCALS BEFORE LEGENDS.

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