Demencha Magazine Editor-In-Chief Writes For Peace, Love, Knowledge, Understanding & Respect Despite “Missing Persons” Reports Peace, Love, Knowledge, Understanding and Respect are five subjects I’ve developed a newfound exploratory passion for more than ever, just within the past three or four months. I’ve heard that my face apparently made local news stations. My name and face made local missing person’s flyers. I do know that I am very fortunate and grateful to be alive. Out of the five subjects (Peace, Love, Knowledge, Understanding, Respect), “Knowledge” and “Respect” were the only two that I can say I was still treated with, even when I was locked up, even when I was on a bed in ICU, even when I was at a psychiatric hospital, and even now as I write this in some sweatpants from a bedroom with a closet full of clean clothes in a somehow “realer” world. I was discharged from the psychiatric hospital on March 3rd. I immediately got a haircut and I ate at my favorite independent burger spot in the city. Four days later, I took a bath for the first time in years. Just yesterday, I recorded my first Exercise/Tai Chi practice video and uploaded it to my facebook page.

blank I was still treated with a sense of curiosity in all of these situations, as if people were trying to become more “knowledgable” as to what makes me tick to whatever beat it is that I tick to. I was still treated with some kind of deranged sense of “respect” in the specifically horrifying moments, and perhaps the path of “knowledge” led some people to “respect”.

write about my family essay I was assaulted by a cop. I was blessed with a lot of visions, super-visions and ideas, natural sprouts stemming from within, allowing me to experiment with new practices, abilities, skills and a desire to learn. Most importantly, I’ve been practicing Tai Chi as my favorite newfound branch of “The Human Arts”. On or around the day I was reported “last seen”, I likely walked approximately 30 miles in 48 hours, mostly through downtown and Kansas City’s East Side. That walk came to a halt when I was assaulted, then I eventually woke up for a second or third time (at least) to find myself in ICU. I remained in ICU for about a week. I tried to write what I could, but it was difficult.

do my admission essay birthday While in the psych ward, there were some brilliant minds in there, truthfully. Since I was discharged from the psych ward, social interaction in public is something that I long for, but it’s something I’ve found myself easing back into. This is a new beginning, I feel. Thank you to everyone who genuinely cares about my well-being. Peace, Love, Knowledge, Understanding & Respect to all of you and more. That was a lot, but not enough. Demencha Magazine is still my baby, and I am still working on content for a new print magazine as promoted here on, but I will add more water to our Locals Before Legends root-phrase in the coming weeks and months. For now, please e-mail for sponsorship opportunities. live chat for homework help Buy College Application Essay Review Service Thanks and Respect to: The Ad Hoc Group Against Crime of Kansas City, The RBI Chapter of Kansas City, 816/913/785 and Around The World, Loving Family, Great Friends, Spirits and Angels, Lon Milbourn, DMX, Yordano Ventura and His Family, Michael Jackson, Men’s Warehouse, the Colors Violet/Purple, Metallic White, Dull Orange, Bright Blue, the Dancers and Artists, Doctors and Open Ears, Words and Messages of Encouragement, the Warriors and Earth Protectors that have laid the foundation for new seeds and new beginnings, Locals Before Legends, New Readers gained while in the psych ward, Frequent Flyers, Birds of all shapes, sizes and colors. dissertation research proposal Last but not least, Peace Up to Congo and Syria.

write my paper one day Birds see more than we do. So, if it’s raining outside you have to root for the bird to get their worm the next morning, instead of hoping that the cat lurking in the shade attacks the bird during an ideal meal time on the ground. I root for the bird to come down to Earth for a while, get their worm(s) and fly back home. Even if the cat kills the bird, that same cat might just get swept up later the next day by that same bird’s Great Uncle. If you ever see a Bald Eagle in the wild (Midwest) do not front on it, do not budge. Just watch it for as long as you can. The Bald Eagle is royalty personified.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
Editor-in-Chief at Demencha Magazine LLC and Send music and event submissions to LOCALS BEFORE LEGENDS.

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