Demencha Brand Rep, Tone aka Deceit, Leads Local News Reports of Anti-Trump Protests at City Hall

As I sat with intent to watch the local news last night, I gained a new respect for one of our brand reps, Tone aka Deceit, who we brought on to spread the Locals Before Legends/Demencha words to people in and around Kansas City just about two years ago. On a whim last night, he texted me with a note that a street full of protestors were flowing down the sidewalks in his Midtown neighborhood. Soon after, he joined them. The group, which may have had 200-300 people in it at some point, from what I’ve heard, staged a peaceful protest walk at least from Tone’s crib all the way to City Hall downtown. That’s about 20 blocks.

By the time I turned on Channel 9 news, they had Tone live with a loud speaker at his mouth (video), while at least a hundred fellow protestors surrounded him on the steps of City Hall. The news reported their camera recordings as “live”. About 20 minutes later, I walked to City Hall and asked Tone a lot of questions about current events in America, most about the Trump victory. Tone told me at one point during this night (I just got in) that throughout history, some people involved in underground movements cannot be afraid to die. After talking with him tonight, Tone made it very clear that he does not care who knows his face by now. He’d also like to let people know that they too have a voice.

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Chris Mills
Chris Mills
Editor-in-Chief at Demencha Magazine LLC and Send music and event submissions to LOCALS BEFORE LEGENDS.

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