KC Psychfest is gearing up for their fourth year. The psychedelic Kansas City music festival is taking place at Record Bar again this year during the first weekend of October, with Mod Gallery playing host as well. Haymaker Records sent over a […]

KC Psychfest Lineup Is Gearing Up For Three Days @ Record Bar In October

KC Psychfest has put its best foot forward in the local festival circuit, whereas some others have not. On the nights of October 9th, 10th and 11th, the Record Bar in Westport KCMO will now host Kansas City’s own psychedelic music festival. […]

KC Psychfest 2013: The Full Lineup

The second annual oddball music festival, KC Psychfest, taking place in Kansas City, KS on the weekend of May 17-18, is sure to bring a mixed bag of some of the weirdest psychedelic music around, including Comoros from Philadelphia. Last year’s Psychfest […]

Prepare for KC Psychfest 2013 [May 17th & 18th]

Last year’s KC Psychfest served as a kind of “anti-festival”, if you will. Not that the promoters of the event, the bands, or the venue referred to it as such, necessarily, but there was no overpriced bottled water or anything that we’re […]

REVIEW: KC Psychfest

The FOKL Center is really a wonderful little thing. Art space, community center, old building, cool kid gathering place, call it what you want – but last weekend, it was the focal point for the psychedelic/chill/weird genre defying bands that take up […]

PREVIEW: KC Psychfest in Downtown KCK [May 18th, 19th & 20th]

The first ever KC Psychfest is fast approaching, and just what have you done recently to prepare for such a festive and wonderful occasion? Hopefully you’ve been reading up on the local gems that’ll be taking to the stage(s) at FOKL in […]

Dedric Moore Talks KC Psychfest and Spirit Animals

One of the coolest things coming to KCK in the near future is the KC Psychfest. What’s that? You haven’t heard about it yet? Well that’s why you’re here at Demencha.com, to learn about unbelievably cool things happening in your area. Dedric […]

KC Psych Fest Is No More, Insert “Outer Reaches Fest” @ recordBar 9/30/16

Haymaker Records, Dedric Moore and Steve Tulipana in conjunction with the recordBar (1520 Grand Avenue, KCMO), have replaced their seasoned psychedelic music festival, KC Psych Fest, with a new name. “Outer Reaches Fest” will take place on Friday, September 30th and Saturday, […]

Heartfelt Anarchy, Parts of Speech, Vertigone, Jorge Arana Trio @ Riot Room on Friday

Who says cross-genre shows can’t work? Pitting four diverse Kansas City bands/acts on one bill might seem strange, but it’s not if you consider a rather “psychedelic” theme running throughout the music of the performers who will be on stage Friday night […]


Psychedelic rock has always had a bit of a complicated relationship with its own reception as a genre. Its beginnings lie with the 60s counterculture (cum mainstream) movement and drug experimentation that gave birth to enshrined acts like Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful […]