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Admittedly, I couldn’t find much of anything on this Pools Sound DJ/producer act out of Los Angeles. It was mostly Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” remixes that popped up on google, for me at least. But I stumbled across two, awesome, brand new EPs from Pools Sound on soundcloud just this morning. I’m not sure if it’s just one person that makes up Pools Sound, a group, or what, but the music is prime for your summer pool parties. Fans of Duff Disco, Cosmo Baker, Cole Medina and other disco-tinged, slo-mo house vibrations, will find that Pools Sounds’ newest, Pools EP1 and Pools EP2, incorporate some apparent mid-range fiddling to bring about this kind of submerged sound. Don’t tip-toe around the water, just dive into this stuff. You won’t regret it.

(Their 2011 mix live from The Do-Over in Palm Springs is pretty fantastic as well.)

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