It’s the dawning of a new era. After last night, Obama has four more years to look forward to as our President of the United States. In that context, eight years is a lot different than four. But some things don’t change, including the bangin’ tunes has been bringing to your ear drums over the past several years, both local and non. The latest music we’re bringing your way comes via DJ Archi‘s turntables, mixer and Serato. Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, this latest DJ mix from Archi (exclusive to Demencha for the next 30 days), is a trapped-out excursion into the depths of an old genre that’s seen a resurgence over recent months, with some brand new original jams from Archi and his homie, DJ B-Stee, among others. Also included in this post is an exclusive Q&A with Archi, about 20 questions deep, inquiring about his fascination with Juicy J, Soul Train and more. Be on the lookout for December’s monthly mix as well, where we’ll be hand-selecting a different DJ to rock a mix for us in similar fashion. LOCALS BEFORE LEGENDS.

1. Rick Flair Intro
2. Curren$y – No Squares
3. A$AP Rocky – Palace
4. Araabmuzik – We Just Deeper
5. Juicy J – Bands Make Her Dance
6. Morri$ & Sinjin Hawke – One Kiss
7. Diamond feat. Juicy J – At The Bar
8. Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – Test Me
9. Heroes x Villans – Original Choppaz
10. Birdman feat. Rick Ross – Born Stunna
11. Kovary – Here We Go (B-Stee & Archi Trap Remix)
12. FootWork – Break yo Back
13. ARCHI – Bounce Back
14. Gent& Jawns – 3Hunna
15. RL Grime – FLOOD
16. Juicy J – Geeked Up Off Them Bars
17. Clockwork – Titan (Coyote Kisses Remix)
18. THUGLI – The Sounds
19. Kid Cedek, :DFace, B-Stee & Archi – You Already Know
20. Antiserum & Mayhem – Brick Squad Anthem
21. Flosstradaums – DEAF
22. Archi – Back 2 Basics Remix

1. Demencha: Give us the rundown on this mix you made for Demencha.
DJ Archi: This mix consists of songs that I like. Some are tracks that I play out regularly at the club while djing while others are just tracks that I like to listen to whenever.

2. Demencha: Where are you from and where are you now?
DJ Archi: I was born in New Jersey, moved to Kansas in 1999 and now reside in KCK near Westport.

3. Demencha: Why is rap music so good right now?
DJ Archi: (Disclaimer: We are talking about “Rap music” here, not “Hip-Hop”.) Rap music isn’t necessarily “good” right now, but it’s relevant again and more importantly entertaining to club/bar goers. And honestly it’s fun to play out at a gig. What I like about rap’s resurgence is that it is relevant at the club again. Just a year ago songs by artists like Rick Ross, Juicy J, or 2 Chainz (even though he wasn’t on anyone’s radar then) weren’t acceptable to a quote unquote club/bar crowd. But with the rise of this “trap movement”, or whatever you want to call it, rap music and especially 808 heavy rap music has seen a comeback. Which is no surprise because “trap music” borrows alot from southern style 808 rap music. The line between genres is blurring and I’m not complaining.

4. Demencha: What are some rap albums or mixtapes that have recently come out that you would recommend?
DJ Archi: For actual quality I’d suggest Freddie Gibbs “BFK”, Curren$y’s “Stoned Immaculate” that dropped a while ago, and Big K.R.I.T.’s last release “Live from the Underground” is really solid. Those have been in my rotation at home. And while I’m not the biggest Wiz Khalifa fan, his “Cabin Fever 2” release is worth checking out. Especially the Juicy J features.

5. Demencha: What makes Juicy J so great to you?
DJ Archi: He’s the most entertaining rapper out. And he’s made one of the greatest (if not the greatest) comebacks by a rapper ever. He’s charting on Billboard again…who saw that coming? But he was always on the mainstream radar (i.e. “Stay Fly”, “Hard Out Here for a Pimp”, his reality show etc.) but wasn’t really super relevant until he got signed by Wiz Khalifa. I first got wind of his comeback when he was “pre-taylor gang” when he released “Rubba Band Business 2”. That mixtape was the last thing he released before Wiz signed him and in my opinion is what got him signed. If you haven’t listened to it I highly recommend you do. So many hilariously entertaining quotes on that thing. “I don’t give a damn I’m a trippy nigga/F-F-F-FUCK MY LUNGS/F-F-F-FUCK MY LIVER” followed by a “REAL TRAP SHIT” drop. How can you not enjoy that? And once I heard “Stoner’s Night” I was sold, “I don’t know her nationality, she overseas/But she got some green eyes and a sexy shape/And she gon let Juicy J…nut in her face.” Awesome. Plus I saw Three 6 Mafia in concert in Denver last year and it was easily the greatest concert ever. It was incredible. They performed like everyone of their songs…ever. Well not the whole songs but they would do the hook a few times, then their DJ would play a bunch of explosion samples and they would move onto the next song/hook. Amazing.

6. Demencha: Why hasn’t anyone made a moombahton remix of Busta and Pharrell’s “Light Your Ass On Fire” yet? Or has someone already? (link us!)
DJ Archi: Yup Big Makk out of Florida.

7. Demencha: Where can we get some “We Trippy Mane” hoodies for the fall/winter?
DJ Archi:

8. Demencha: What’s your idea of being “Trippy Mane”?
DJ Archi: Haha I don’t honestly know. It’s like Juicy J’s mantra. I don’t do enough drugs to be “trippy”, but Juicy J is really trippy though. You may say no to drugs. But Juicy J? He cannot.

9. Demencha: Give us a youtube or soundcloud link to a track that’s currently lighting up venues you spin at.
DJ Archi: French Montana “Pop That”. Banger. Period.

10. Demencha: Fill in the blank. World Star Hip Hop is “simultaneously the best and worst” of rap blogs.

11. Demencha: Give us one relevant r&b singer who you wish would release more music.
DJ Archi: The Dream. Without question my favorite R&B artist.

12. Demencha: If someone were to invite you and your homie, DJ B-Stee, to a producers showcase, how would you guys rock it?
DJ Archi: Probably two turntables, a mixer, a laptop, and an Akai MPD

13. Demencha: How many episodes of Soul Train have you seen?
DJ Archi: Well I own a DVD collection (a bootleg DVD collection at that) and there’s 46 DVDs, 2 episodes on each, all from the 1980s. I’ve watched them all up until about the 89-90 seasons. They kind of fell off then. So probably 60-70. Shout out to Louie “Ski” Car, the original cutty mack.

14. Demencha: Link us your favorite trap track at the moment (youtube or soundcloud).
DJ Archi: It’s on the mix but this track is nuts.

15. Demencha: If you made a beat that was so hot that another producer wanted to buy the rights to it, would you sell it to them?
DJ Archi: I’m pretty broke right now so yea probably. But at some point as a producer you gotta stop doing that. It happens ALOT more than you think. Your favorite producer might not even make any beats, just so you know. I could name drop but I wont.

16. Demencha: Fill in the blank. I have rap beats that “anyone” would sound great over. Haha.

17. Demencha: If you had only two choices for a party to go to, and one of them was all trap music and the other one was all moombahton, which one would you go to and why?
DJ Archi: I would probably say moombahton. Just as a genre its more dynamic and danceable. Also the 105-113 bpm tempo is just a personal favorite of mine and has always been.

18. Demencha: Who do you want to do the artwork for your next music project?
DJ Archi: I’ve always done my own artwork for stuff but I do like local KC artist and homie Sike aka Sikenomics. We have some of his stuff displayed at our house.

19.Demencha: How are laptop DJs fucking up the greater DJ game?
DJ Archi: It’s not necessarily the “laptop DJs” are fucking up the game because there are some guys doing some really cool things with midi controllers like live sampling and blending on the fly. DJs with pre-made mixes are the ones fucking up the game in my opinion. Standing on stage and just pantomiming to your mix? That’s that shit I don’t like.

20. Demencha: What is your favorite place to eat in KC?
DJ Archi: El Patron. Never had a bad meal there ever.

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