RECOMMENDED: Sweater Beats – “MLLNDLLR” [Karma Kid Remix]

Loosely-associated Bear Club affiliate, Sweater Beats, has been churning out the dreamy trap beat sounds that we’ve come to love from the Bear Club boys on a pretty consistent basis. It’s rare that we post anything on Demencha that isn’t directly related to KC’s scene, but Sweater Beats is one of the few who we make an exception for. You may remember trap music boss, Baauer, putting together a mix for Annie Mac at BBC Radio 1 in England just a couple of months ago that featured Sweater Beats’ scrumptious jam “MLLNDLLR”, which we believe sampled Beyonce’s old group, Destiny’s Child. While that track probably remains a standout in the year that trap music came back with a whole new sound and feel, Karma Kid’s remix of “MLLNDLLR” is something of a disco-house jewel, made for DJs and dancefloors who may not care for Sweater Beats’ original but all the more juiced up. Clocking in at 130 BPM, Karma Kid (UK) didn’t necessarily outdo Sweater’s track, but we’re 99% sure that house music DJs will wet their pants halfway through this soundcloud player. FLAMES. Stream below now, follow Sweater Beats and Karma Kid on soundcloud, and hopefully this joint will see some kind of release soon.

Chris Mills
Chris Mills
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