Kutty Slitz & Demencha Go To The Strange Music Headquarters

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I got a phone call from the man/myth/legend, the KC-based lyrical master and founding member of Ces Cru, Kutty Slitz on Monday afternoon.


“Meet me out there…”

My first excursion to the Strange Music headquarters/compound turned out to be amazing, after a heavy downpour of rain nearly marred the day. Kutty was initially invited out there to conduct an interview (which turned out to be pretty wild), and he in turn was gracious enough to invite me out personally to sit in with him and a couple of Strange Music employees in a conference room. Kutty’s two kids were with him, while his girl linked up with us shortly after the interview was over.

Kutty, who I decided was one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever known after I left, routinely chatted up various Strange Music employees from videographers to the people working in the merch warehouse to recent Strange signings, Mayday. Though I’ve known Kutty for a couple of years, his enthusiasm was undeniable on Monday afternoon. Kutty’s interview unfolded just as unpredictably as anyone who knows him could imagine. The rest of our time at Strange was equally erratic, but in a good way I’d like to think. Shout out C.J. at Strange for the hospitality and a tour of the compound.

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