Before Dubstep Listeners Needed Ecstasy [Bassline Pressure Soundclouded From 2007]

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Will aka Daylight Robber (KC-Chicago transplant) recently shared a link on his soundcloud featuring a live mix that he and Spider Bigger did back in the summer of 2007 at their old dubstep weekly, Bassline Pressure, which went down on Wednesday nights at the old Jilly’s on Broadway (now Coda). No one really came out to it. But they would if the night was still running today. Or would they? Would Daylight Robber and Spider have ditched the style once we could hear it in car commercials? Or would they have stuck with it had Jilly’s not been such a revolving door for DJ nights?

What was most likely the first dubstep weekly event in Kansas City (for whatever that’s worth), basically opened my eyes to an era of bass music that was untainted, before throngs of DJs, both experienced and inexperienced began capitalizing on it and jumping ship from other genres. I’m not an expert on shit. But it seems as though these occurrences, among others, caused the popular, current state of the sound to drown itself out in “a bunch of obnoxious noise”, as another elder dub statesman described to me a couple of years ago.

This mix is a shining example (minus the low-quality audio file) of where I was, literally, when I first heard dubstep…

Daylight Robber + Spiderbigger – A Night At Bassline Pressure by daylight_robber

Now heading into 2012, Daylight Robber is living in Chicago still making music despite his rather dated soundcloud features. We couldn’t tell you what Spider Bigger is up to exactly. Consider their Bassline Pressure night another ripple in the scene that no one gave a fuck about, but one ripple that gave some bump to my music collection. Since 2007 (or whenever you first heard dubstep) chances are your dubstep crates are have probably seen an increase in files but with an additional increase of face-palm moments as you scour through them. Expert nor anthologist, I still feel like Bassline Pressure was one perfect, epic example of the phrase “you had to be there”.

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  1. BLaM (4 years ago)

    this is a good piece chris. i like how truely underground this article is. i remember seeing spiderbigger at this one rave in westbottoms, he has a few keyboards, midi controllers and tables, then the cops came in. but i that was one of the only after party/ rave joints where i was like wow, imma listen to this non shitty DJ do his thing, cuz it wuz doap. -BLaM


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