Leonard DStroy – Inner Exit EP [FREE D/L]

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Leonard DStroy‘s newest, the Inner Exit EP released on Friday, is a collection of some of the most sparkling beats we’ve heard all year. Lenny is predominantly known as the producer behind local indie hip hop stalwarts, Deep Thinkers and Kutty Slitz (who we hear is coming home at the end of July). However, DStroy has been dedicating most of his time over the past year or two to making beats that defy conventional hip hop production, garnering gigs at events around town where glowing hula-hoops and candy bracelets are more prominent than fitted New Eras and fresh Nikes. Regardless of what you wear or what you take to a club, just know that there will be something on this EP that’s right up your lane. The trumpets from “Sunnshine” could wear out your repeat button (if you actually had to hit it more than once) until the sun goes down. Lenny’s signature digital raindrop sounds and strong compositions on Inner Exit lead us to wonder what’s next from the “Missouri Meistro”, as 92bpm is now calling him.

Leonard DStroyInner Exit

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